Is Bilateral Value Added in Trade between China and EU Countries Running in an Efficient Way?

日期: 2022-08-17      点击数:

Author:Haiou Mao and Ling Xiong

Abstract:By applying stochastic frontier analysis, and replacing total export with value added in exports as a more accurate measure of domestic content embodied in exports, we estimate the trade efficiency between China and EU countries and analyze the determinant factors. The results show that the value added in trade between China and EU countries is running at a low level of efficiency, and the trade efficiency has an obvious imbalance between export and import. Our calculation of unexplored trade potential indicates that western EU countries, such as France, Germany, Italy, and Spain together are China's top trading partner with the highest unexploited trade potential. Based on the principal component analysis of 14 trading-related variables, trade efficiency determinant results show that the tangible trade infrastructures of both exporter and importer matters most, including airports, container shipping, Internet, and broadband infrastructures. Meanwhile, intangible trade infrastructures, including customs procedures and domestic business environments, has a significant, but smaller influence on trade efficiency. Our important findings shed light on practical trade policymaking to encourage Sino-EU trade collaboration.

Keywords: China–EU trade, Stochastic Frontier Analysis, Trade Efficiency, Value Added in Exports

China & World Economy, Vol. 30, No. 3, pp. 210-38